Just give it

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"It really changes my tactic for the coming days. I think - unfortunately for the fans - I can be a lot more defensive. We'll see. I have a bigger gap to the guys behind him as well - it's not only Tom. Tom's only a minute but the guys behind him are at quite a lot. It's a good gap, I'll see what I can do. I thought I would lose a lot more but I managed to hang on, so I'm really happy." - Simon Yates, 22nd today's ITT, perserving an overall lead of 56s.

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"Rest day and TT behind us. Back to fighting full gas and get something out of that last week." - Guillaume Boivin, 131st @ 5'10"

Stage 16 ITT results here

"It's pretty good to beat time-trialists like Tony Martin and Tom Dumoulin. I just have to hold on for as long as possible. There's going to be guys going crazy in the last week. I think there could be some guys hurting. I think that I'll be hurting a bit as well. I'm jus…

I'd like to see Yates spank them

Tomorrow is a stage that suits me even better

Friday File: All the GC guys are going to pray for good legs

I just went for it

I need more time

Still lot's to fight for

Rest Day

That one is for the boys...

Friday File: A dream come true

How unbelievable is that!


Whew! Wild One...